Your humble Guru

Karen A Higgs, the creator of Guru'Guay
Photo: Carlos Contrera

Karen A Higgs grew up in the South Wales Valleys. At 22 she found herself stranded in Mexico City airport with just a pocket Spanish-English dictionary for company. Since then she’s lived most of her life in Latin America.

She sang 60s covers in a psychedelic rock bar in Costa Rica. In Buenos Aires, she impressed her teenage English language students by riding a 500 cc motorbike around town.

Having moved back to the UK briefly and then on to Washington DC, she moved into web design in the mid 90s. In 2000, she landed in Uruguay to direct communications for an international non-profit.

The Guru’Guay

The non-profit took Karen back and forward to South Africa, land of the most wonderful bed and breakfasts, for over a decade. Inspired, Karen and her Argentine husband Sergio set up a guesthouse as an entertaining sideline.

Casa Sarandi is an award-winning art-deco guesthouse in Montevideo’s Old City, a great location. But what guests really love is the insider knowledge that Karen shares about Uruguay.

And as Karen is also a musician with two albums to her name (including one which was nominated for the Uruguayan equivalent of the Grammys) her daily tips on live music and events made guests’ holidays really unforgettable.

Pleas from guests to share this insider information more widely inspired the popular Guru’Guay blog ( in late 2013.

The blog quickly became an essential resource for travellers planning their trip to Uruguay and many expats living in Uruguay. By January 2016 readers accessed almost 40,000 pages, a huge number for a Uruguayan website.

In 2016 Karen published The Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo available on this website for tablets and smartphones and in paperback from Amazon and CreateSpace.

She is currently writing The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay. If you love this website, do find out how you can be a supporter.

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